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Cyclone Collector Units

Cyclone Systems

Cyclone Systems have been a long standing part of the SADAC product line. A range of cyclones are available to suite a wide variety of applications. These units are incorporated in exhaust systems that require separation of coarse particulate materials and may be introduced as a singular primary collector or as a combined system with cyclone pre collector and bag filter secondary filter. The latter has become most popular in dust and pollution control systems where particulate collected has a broad particle size distribution, thus allowing the cyclone pre collector to settle as much as 90% of particulate prior to being filtered by the bag filter.

In general the Sadac range of cyclones is suited to most dust control systems where settling efficiencies of 99% can be obtained without the need of additional filtration. The Sadac range is ideal for plastic, paper and board waste collection from packaging and printing applications. The cyclone range is based on sizing ranging from duties of 2000m³/hr upward to nested multiple units handling 100,000m³/hr. The cyclone is fabricated from a variety of materials ranging from mild steel, galvanized mild steel and stainless steel.
Special considerations must be taken into account when materials are specified, wear is the largest attributor to life span of a cyclone and dust particulate with abrasive characteristics as well as air – gas temperatures and corrosive conditions must be specified. Special internal lining and wear plates are available.

Applications where the SADAC cyclone range is utilised:

  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Wood chip – saw milling
  • Dryer dust control
  • Grain – milling
  • Mining
  • Plastic, paper and board waste collection
  • Centralised Wood working dust extraction systems
  • General classification systems requiring a broad separation of coarse & fine particulate

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Cyclones J1 Series

Cyclones J1 Series

6 x J1 16 Cyclones

6 x J1 16 Cyclones

paper waste collection system with compacting bins

Paper waste collection system with compacting bins