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Wet Scrubbers

Sometimes the type of application is more suited to apply a wet filtration means to the collection of dust particulate as apposed to a typical dry filtration system.Some applications are more suited to apply a wet filtration means to the collection of particulates, Fumes and hydroscopic particulates. Especially where dry filters could become blinded and clogged. Fumes and hot gases are best handled with wet scrubbers especially under corrosive conditions.

It is important to consider the materials handling aspect of such a decision as it is more often more cost effective to keep the dust collected in a dry concentration as apposed to a slurry or sludge which must than be reticulated with pumps to a suitable holding sump or clarification plant for de watering. The first and most obvious benefit of a wet filtration system is that water is used as the primary filtration medium and therefore the cost of replacement filters does not exist. Other benefits with this type of system is that the collection equipment applied to these applications is more than likely a wet scrubber design which is a static item with no moving or replacement parts resulting in a very low upkeep cost.

The exhaust air quality and dust concentration levels from scrubber units are very application dependant which is not as precise as a the likes of a dry filtration system where by the dust entrained air is passed through a filter with known filtration efficiencies. More often this equipment is utilized in a plant environment where the dust particulate is hydroscopic and soluble in water. If the plant already has a good, clean abundant supply of water and slurry handling capabilities than it is more often the equipment of choice. The outlay and maintenance cost is substantially less than a dry filtration system.

To meet these demands Sadac has spent a number of years adapting the TS series low energy fume scrubber design for these applications. This adaptation includes sump, sludge ejector and flow through discharge arrangements to cater for slurry handling.

As opposed to other designs on the market which require a tremendous amount of energy and only one effective filtration section, the Sadac TS series scrubber has very low exhaust emissions because the dust entrained air has more than one wetted filtration section to pass through and a very low overall pressure differential. The Sadac TS series scrubbers are fabricated from a wide range of materials ranging from commercial quality mild steel to Stainless steel. The units are prefabricated in flanged sections to reduce transport and on site installation costs. The range comprises of units capable of 3000m³/hr to 50000m³/hr. For higher duties the scrubber can be nested with more than one unit coupled to a common duct manifold.


Primary applications:

  • Conveyor transfer point
  • Tippler hoppers
  • Crushing and screening
  • Process batch mixing & Blending
  • Bagging and packaging
  • Dryer off gas
  • Furnace exhaust
  • Milling
  • Lab Fume extraction
  • Chemical plant process blending
SADAC Model DM4-30 and Wet Scrubber Lab mineral sampling
SADAC Ts series
low energy Wet Scrubber for Handling Acid fumes from lab mineral sampling
SADAC Ts series low energy Wet Scrubber
SADAC Ts series
low energy Wet Scrubber for Handling Acid fumes from lab mineral sampling
SADAC TS low energy scrubber handling corrosive fumes
SADAC Ts series
low energy scrubber handling corrosive fumes